How to be a good tenant at SkyCenter One

Have you ever had a roommate?  If you have, you know that despite the best intentions, there are always some things that might get on the other person’s nerves.  Leaving dirty dishes in the sink, forgetting to switch your wet clothes over to the dryer, or in my case, college roommates who liked to use the toaster to light their cigarettes.

Well, here at SkyCenter One, we have roommates too.  In fact, technically, we are renters with a landlord and a whole team of people who keep the building up and running.   And guess what?  We haven’t been perfect.

So here are a few gentle requests from our partners on how we can improve:

#1— While we may not have individual garbage cans at each of our desks, there are plenty of trash bins located in the kitchen and copy areas.  Please throw your garbage away there and not in the tiny receptacles designated for paper towels in the restrooms.  The cleaning crews have been finding larger items like Starbucks cups, Qdoba bowls and big plastic drink bottles shoved in those little bathroom garbage containers.  They even found a box for a new computer keyboard in there! Please find another place to throw away your trash and reserve the bathroom trash bins for paper towels.

Actual items, including a cardboard keyboard box, pulled out of the restroom garbage slots.

#2—When the bathrooms are closed for cleaning… they’re actually CLOSED.  Please don’t ignore the signs and instead use one of the 4 single use restrooms available throughout our floors.  You can also use a restroom on a different floor, or one of the beautiful and spacious restrooms located near the elevators on the 5th floor terrace or on the ground floor in the Atrium or near the café.

The beautiful restrooms near the elevators on the Fifth Floor Atrium Terrace

#3— Fitness center lockers should be available… FOR EVERYONE.  Unfortunately, there aren’t enough lockers in the fitness center for everyone who works in the building. This will especially become an issue once SkyCenter One is fully occupied.  For that reason, locks will not be permitted on the fitness center lockers overnight.  You can still lock up your belongings while you work out, but you can no longer claim a permanent locker, because there simply aren’t enough to go around.  Please be advised, property management is now checking the locker rooms daily to ensure that the locks and items inside are removed. Any locks that have not been removed will be cut. All items removed from the lockers will be placed at the security desk and will be held for one week before we dispose of those items.

Lockers can no longer remain locked overnight. Only use them while working out.

#4— Breaking down boxes:  Back in the Terminal, our left-over cardboard boxes seemed to magically disappear.  But here at SkyCenter, the cleaning crews are requesting all boxes be broken down.  We’re told that any boxes that are not broken down and labeled “recycle” will not be removed from the space by the SkyCenter One janitorial staff.

Sorry to lay down the law, but these are some of the new rules that come along with working in our amazing new space.  Please do your best to help us out with each of the above items and share with your co-workers so we can all keep SkyCenter One a beautiful place to enjoy for many, many years to come.

Please break down boxes for the cleaning crew to remove.
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