Give us your best shot!

If you’ve been wondering what those printer-like devices decked out in TPA colors do, you’re not alone.

The machines, known as hashtag printers, print high quality photographs complete with the TPA logo and are intended to help HCAA’s various departments remain connected.

“This is a way to spark conversation,” said Melissa Solberg, Senior Manager of TPA’s Office of Innovation.  “The photos are a way for our departments to showcase their personality, accomplishments, or even special occasions.”

Here’s how it works.  Simply scan the QR code on the top of one of the printers and follow the instructions on your phone.  You’ll be prompted to share your phone’s photo gallery where you can select a photo you’d like to have printed and displayed in your department’s front porch area. Once selected, the photo will automatically print within a few seconds.

The front porch areas for Human Resources, Audit, General Aviation, Concessions, Air Service Development, Procurement, Planning & Development, Maintenance and ITS all have clear plastic photo holders attached to the wall, perfectly sized to fit the photographs out of the hashtag printers.

In case you’ve missed them, the printers are located in the copy room on floor 3, the north copy room on floor 4, and both the north and south printer rooms on floor 5.  Each photo printer has its own unique QR code so the photos won’t print to all 4 printers at once.

According to Solberg, there are no hard and fast rules on what employees can display in their front porch areas, as long as the photos are work appropriate and show off your department in a positive way.

The photos are not intended to be permanent.  It’s up to each department to decide what photos they’d like to display and when they will be switched out.

The upcoming family night at SkyCenter One could be a perfect theme for a department’s photo display. Or maybe our new flamingo?  General Aviation has already filled up their frames with special moments including Marilyn Gauthier’s recent trip to Alaska, and baby pictures featuring Sara Behnke’s new little girl, Penelope Ruth.  Communications and Marketing has team photos from the most recent new route announcements on display.

Keep the great photos coming.  This Fall, we plan to have a contest awarding prizes to those with the best photos in various categories and best overall display.

Have fun!  We can’t wait to see all your amazing photos!

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