On the Move comes to an end

All good things must come to an end, and in August, the TPA Communications team will be closing down our On the Move Blog.

Over the past four years, this website has been the primary location for employees to access information on the major transition to new workspaces including SkyCenter One and the new Police, Maintenance, Lost & Found Building.

Since the site first went live in late 2018, the Communications team, working with HR and the Office of Innovation published more than 100 articles netting 17,220 all-time views.  With a total workforce of just over 650 employees, the site saw an amazing 1,000 unique visitors.  In the website’s first year of 2019, each visitor clicked, on average, around 14 different articles.

Now, with the move to SkyCenter One and the PMLF Building complete, we are sunsetting the website.  You’ll still be able to get all the latest updates and information you need to know about our workspaces on our TPA Connect site.  And for now, you can also refer back to the On the Move Blog for any of our previously published content.

We hope you’ve enjoyed On the Move over the past four years. A big shout out to Danny Valentine, Ashley Iaccarino and Melissa Solberg who helped get the project up and running and published much of the content for the site.

Here’s a look back at our 5 most popular articles since the website’s inception:

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