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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we moving our offices?

We need to move our Administration building and the offices in the Main Terminal from their current locations so the Airport can expand the curb and build a new airside to keep serving more passengers. This move is part of a three-phase Master Plan that will increase our capacity to 34 million passengers every year. Before work began on Master Plan Phase 1 in 2014, the Airport had a maximum capacity of 23 million annual passengers. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the timing of this project is critical to avoid future low levels of customer service on our curbsides. Our projections show that these express curbsides will be needed in the next five years to decongest our curbsides. Without doing so, we would experience unacceptable levels of customer service.

What are the Guiding Principles and what do they have to do with the new offices?

Early on, our team established a set of guiding principles to shape all office-related decisions. These include a commitment to put people first, use advanced technology and to incorporate features that promote wellness and interaction. Click here to read the Principles.

Where will the new offices be located?

Much of the team currently located in the Administration building and Main Terminal offices will move to the new SkyCenter building across from the Rental Car Center. The building will be nine floors and the Aviation Authority offices will be located on the third, fourth and fifth floors. The developer will lease the rest of the floors.

Police, Traffic and Maintenance will be in redeveloped space on the first level of the Long Term Parking Garage. Guest Services and Badging will stay in the Main Terminal to best serve our passengers and tenants.

What can we expect in the new offices?

The new spaces will be a big improvement over what we have now – more technologically advanced, with more natural light, a greater number of conference rooms, modern cubicles and spaces for people to work collaboratively or in private. SkyCenter will also feature beautiful outdoor areas as well as a state-of-the-art fitness center and an upgraded employee cafeteria.

What happens when what I need to do my job will not fit in the area they give me? I have a lot of stuff that I need on a daily basis in my office that I will need on my desk in my own area. To use a common use desk area is not acceptable for my equipment that will need to remain on my desk and out in the open. This not items that can be put in a locker and taken out every day. I do not know where my new area is going to be, nobody has shown me yet, I see this a a potentially big problem.

All employees are invited to attend the SkyCenter team-building event on Thursday, Nov. 18 from 2 – 4 p.m. where you will hear from our CEO and have the opportunity to sign the Boardroom floor and walk through the office space, which is still under construction, without PPE. Department leaders will be on site to show you around your department’s neighborhood and will be able to answer questions about how we will operate in our new offices.

Our new way of working in SkyCenter One will be a change for the majority of employees working in the shared, open work environment. Floorplans showing department neighborhoods can be viewed here. Please reach out to your immediate supervisor to discuss your questions and concerns related to your job-specific responsibilities and equipment, and to coordinate a tour of the space prior to the move.

What will be the phone situation if there are no assigned desks? Will we have our own mouse, mouse pad and keyboard to keep with us?

A wired mouse, wired keyboard and headset (if needed and not previously issued) will be provided to employees working at a workstation in the open office environment.  These items can be stored in the employee’s designated locker, located within their department neighborhood. Note that desk phones will not be installed at the open office workstations. If you haven’t already, be sure forward your desk phone to your cell phone.  If needed, contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance.  If you will be working in the open office environment and do not currently have an Authority-issued cell phone, contact your immediate supervisor.

Where will storage be provide for a department? See the Floor Plans.

Typically, storage is located in the department’s neighborhood.  Check out the color-coded floor plans which highlight dedicated departmental storage and lockers.  In additional, office supply storage is available in each of the common area copy rooms.  Some departments such as Marketing, ITS, Human Resources, General Aviation and Planning & Development have dedicated badge access storage rooms located on the Authority’s three levels.

How will department/employee mail delivery work in the SkyCenter?

We are in the process of working out the details about packages and deliveries with the Property Manager and will share additional details as they become available.

Internal mail delivery will be centralized at the Records Information Center (RIC) locker bank located at the north end of Level 5 of the Authority offices.  For standard USPS, designated employees will pick up mail for their department at the RIC locker bank using their badge to open the locker.  For individual packages, employees will receive an email notification from the RIC that a package is ready for pick-up.  Employees will swipe their badge at the locker bank access screen and the corresponding locker will open allowing users to pick up their item.

Once we move to SkyCenter, will we be able to park in long/short term parking when taking a flight or will be have to park at the office building?

We expect employees may still need access to the Main Terminal and therefore anticipate initially keeping access to Short Term and Long Term in place.

When do we move?

The move to SkyCenter will take place over several weeks.  Additional details will be provided as our move dates approach. 


Levels 3, 4 and 5: (New information forthcoming)

  • Move in start:  March 28, 2022
  • Move in complete:  April 8, 2022
  • Level 3 (AOC, EOC, Data Center): April 25, 2022
  • Move in start:  March 29, 2022
  • Move in complete:  April 25, 2022

Police, Maintenance and Lost & Found

  • Maintenance workshop and Police equipment relocation:  November 19, 2021 – December 30, 2021
  • Lost and Found Buildout: November 19, 2021 – December 30, 2021
  • Move existing equipment and staff:  January 3, 2022 – February 14, 2022
  • Full occupancy:  February 14, 2022

Suite A and C  – Badging and Guest Services

  • Badging Relocate to Suite A:  NLT May 31, 2022
  • Guest Services move-in to follow Badging

Will boxes be made available to us so we can begin packing? Do we move the boxes ourselves to our new office space?

Yes, packing bins, including move instructions, will be delivered to an employee’s work location approximately two weeks prior to the employee’s scheduled move date. A moving company has been contracted to move the bins to SkyCenter.  More details about the process and specific move dates for departments and employees will be provided in January.

Why have we decided to assign lockers in a workspace that is intended to be flexible? There could be a situation where my assigned locker is 2 floors below or above me relative to the space I’ve reserved. Shouldn’t these be on a first-come first-used and closest available usage?

Thanks for your question! Assigned lockers are located in an employee’s neighborhood and are intended to be used as a ‘home base’ allowing employees to store their personal belongings over an extended period of time.

Who will be responsible for filling the copy machines and supplies in the copy rooms?
Will ordering supplies for the copy room no longer be the responsibility of the department that needs the supplies?

Similar to the way we operate today, departments will continue to order and manage supplies for their teams.  Each department has dedicated lockable storage for supplies in or near the copy areas.

SkyCenter One Move Schedule and Logistics

Q: What if I am on Unileave/FMLA during my packing window?

A: Your packing bin and instructions will be provided two weeks prior to your last day in your existing space. Work with your department head to discuss any special circumstances you may have during your packing window.

Q: What do I do with the office supplies I’ve accumulated over the years in my existing workspace?

A: Common Copy/Supply rooms located on Levels 3, 4 and 5 will have storage for standard offices supplies. If you have personal office supplies that you would like to use in your future space, pack them in your bin to be stored in your new designated locker.

Q: Can I bring my existing chair?

A: No need to bring your chair, SkyCenter is equipped with all new furniture.  If you need a special accommodation, please reach out to Human Resources.

Q: What if my things don’t fit in my packing bin?

A: Each employee will have one packing bin. Rule of thumb: if it fits in your bin, it will likely fit in your locker. SkyCenter lockers are 12” x 20” x 42” and include a hook and moveable shelf. Interior dimensions are 10.5″ by 18.25″ by 37.5″.

Need some tips for decluttering?  Click here.

Q: Where do I work from on my gap day?

A: Anywhere but your former workspace, including SkyCenter. The gap day is optional.

Q: What if I am on Unileave on my move day?

A: Be sure your workspace is packed and ready to go before you begin Unileave.

Q: What if I am not scheduled to work in the office on my first day in SkyCenter?

A: You have two weeks to unpack your bin, which will be located in your Neighborhood Drop Zone when you arrive at SkyCenter. 

Q: How many bins will I receive for packing my things?

A: Employees working in the open office environment will receive one packing bin.

Q: Where/when does my bin arrive?

A: Bins, packing supplies and detailed instructions will be delivered directly to your existing workspace by the first day of your packing window.

Q: Tell me more about our mail services, what mailing address do I use for our new office space?

Regular mail (USPS) won’t change, even when we move to our new office space. Continue to utilize the Authority’s primary mailing address below:

PO Box 22287

Tampa, FL 33622

For FedEx and UPS packages, use the SkyCenter One HCAA address listed below and discontinue use of the Administration Building address (4160 George J. Bean Parkway) beginning Thursday, April 7.

5411 SkyCenter Dr.

Suite 500

Tampa, FL 33607

Inbound HCAA Mail and Package Distribution:

Mail distribution will be centralized at the Records Information Center (RIC) locker bank located at the north end of Level 5 of the Authority offices in SkyCenter One.  

  • For inbound USPS mail, each department will have designated employees to pick up mail for their department at the RIC locker bank using their badge to open the locker. 
  • USPS mail will continue to follow our current weekly internal distribution schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • For inbound FedEx and UPS packages, employees will receive an email notification from the RIC that a package is ready for pick-up.  Employees will swipe their badge at the locker bank access screen and the corresponding locker will open allowing users to pick up their item.

Outbound HCAA Mail and Package Services:

  • For outbound USPS mail, visit the RIC located at the north end of Level 5.  RIC will add the applicable postage and handle mailing the item for you.
  • For outbound FedEx and UPS packages visit the RIC located at the north end of Level 5 with your FedEx or UPS packages only if you need assistance in packaging and/or creating a label for shipping.
  • Is your FedEx or UPS item already packaged, labeled and ready to ship? Take your item to the FedEx or UPS Outbound Drop Box located in the Mail Room on the first floor of SkyCenter One near the loading dock.

Interoffice Mail

Let’s get creative! There are plenty of ways to share information in our new office environment. Scan hard copy information directly to recipients from the Common Copy/Print areas located on Levels 3, 4 and 5. Coordinate directly with the recipient to hand deliver the interoffice mail to them while having coffee! Or, deliver your items to the RIC which can facilitate distribution using the fancy new mail locker system.

Q: Do I need my badge to enter SkyCenter One?

Employee badges will be activated by your first day in SkyCenter One.  To use the elevators, push the call button and enter the elevator car. Swipe your badge and push the Authority level you would like to access.  Note that HCAA employees will only have access to the lobby level and Authority office levels in the SkyCenter One building.

Q: Where can I park in the SkyCenter One Garage?

Swipe your Authority-issued badge to enter and exit the SkyCenter One parking garage. Parking is on a first come first serve basis.  Employees can park in any non-reserved parking space. Each parking level has ADA spaces identified. Electric vehicle parking stations are available on levels 1-5.

Q: How do I get to SkyCenter One?

Follow the signs on the parkway to SkyCenter and to the SkyCenter One parking garage. If you’re coming to SkyCenter One from the Main Terminal, take SkyConnect and exit at the RCC. Follow the pedestrian bridge to the main entrance of HCAA’s offices located on Level 4 of the Atrium building.

Q: What gets cleaned in our office space?

The SkyCenter One facility is managed by Avison Young who oversees the janitorial contract for the building.  The following cleaning activities occur in the Authority offices Monday – Friday:

1. Vacuum all mats, rugs and carpets, spot clean as necessary.

2. Sweep and mop all hard surface floors.

3. Empty trash receptacles, sanitize and replace liners.

4. Clean and dust exposed surfaces of desks, tables, office furniture and filing cabinets.

5. Clean and dust glass surfaces, doors glass, mirrors, picture frames, plaques, name plates, doors, door frames, etc.

6. Spot clean cubicle partitions as necessary.

7. Clean, disinfect and polish drinking fountains.

8. Turn off designated lights.

9. Lock designated doors.

Q: At the “break area” will coffee and related beverage supplies be provided?

A Keurig will be provided in each Social Zone. BYO coffee, just like you do now.

Q: Will there be office supplies in our “neighborhood”?

Department storage cabinets for office supplies are located in or near the Copy/Print areas. Each department will provide their own supplies, just like they do today.

Q: Will it be noisy in the open work environment?

Authority office space across all three levels are equipped with a white noise system to help mitigate noise throughout the space. Additionally, the open ceiling treatment offers acoustical qualities that help mitigate noise and absorb sound.  Fun fact: even the fabric workstation panels and some of the ancillary furniture pieces were designed with acoustical fabric to support a comfortable working environment.  To be a good neighbor, employees taking extended phone or conference calls and TEAMS meetings are encouraged to use one of more than 70 alternative work areas throughout the office space such as phone, focus and huddle rooms.  Additionally, employees can contact ServiceDesk@TampaAirport.com to request a headset if needed.

Q: Will the Authority provide boxes for employees to use to take home personal belongings from their current workspace?

Packing bins will not be provided for employee’s personal effects to be removed from their existing office space.

Q: Will we have something like the hot/cold filtered water coolers that we have now so we can make hot beverages like hot chocolate and tea?

Counter mounted filtered water stations will be provided. Water may then be heated in the adjacent microwave located in the Social Hub/Break Areas.

Q: Has a mask policy for the HCAA floors been determined yet? 

Masks will be optional in Authority offices as well as SkyCenter One common areas such as the lobby, fitness center, conference center and café.

Q: If there are still hard copy files in my area, can I just leave them behind to get thrown away?

No paper documents are to be left in your workstation, office or departmental workspace.

Hard copy files in file cabinets or the open office space including those that have already been converted to electronic format or are past their retention period must be properly disposed of according to HCAA document procedures. The Authority is required to report to the State of Florida the number of boxes destroyed annually.

Contact your department’s Records Custodian or the RIC with any questions surrounding Authority records, retention and destruction.

Q: Will the new sit-to-stand workstations in SkyCenter have a comfort mat for use when standing?

Standing mats will not be provided in our future workspace.

Q: What is the clearance of the SkyCenter One parking garage?

The entrance and first level of the SkyCenter One parking garage have an 8’-2” clearance.  All other levels have a 7’-4” clearance.

Q: Will there be trash and recycling bins at the desks? Or is that centralized on each floor? How will that work?

Trash and recycling will be centralized. There are dedicated trash and recycle receptacles in each copy-print area, located at the south end of level 3 and the north and south ends of levels 4 and 5.

Q: Will the cafeteria be open when we move in to the building in March?
Yes, the café will be open for business beginning Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

Q: How long are conference rooms available for booking in the Administration Building?

Administration Building conference rooms will be available through close of business on 4/8/2022.

Q: When will employees get their wired keyboard and mouse for SkyCenter?

Beginning February 15, 2022, employees may contact ServiceDesk@TampaAirport.com to request a wired keyboard and mouse. Their wired keyboard and mouse can then be picked-up from the new Service Desk in SkyCenter (Level 3) on their first day.

Employees may also request a Bluetooth headset if they’d like to use one.

Q: It seems the card reader to the new CMF parking and entry way into the building are not picking up the badges unless you take them out of the plastic pouching we keep our badges in. Is there any way this can be corrected?

The card readers are encrypted so it may take an extra moment for the badge to activate the gate. Tip: Hold your badge firmly to the reader. If the gate does not open, remove your badge from the reader completely, pause, and try again.

Q: Will I have good cell phone coverage in SkyCenter?

Yes. SkyCenter will have 4G coverage.  Our IT team is working with the building owner, VanTrust, and several third party entities to ensure consistent coverage throughout the building that aligns with the scheduled Authority move-in dates.

Q: If someone has framed poster art (route announcements), white boards or bulletin boards can they take any or all of them home?

Office items such as framed artwork, whiteboards, bulletin boards and other supplies – unless originally purchased by an employee – are considered Authority assets and may not be removed from the premises, including furniture.  Unframed promotional route announcements may be taken home.

Q: Where will the time clocks be located in SkyCenter?

Timeclocks will be located in the Common Print/Copy rooms located behind the Social Hub on levels 3, 4 and 5.

Q: Can I visit our offices at SkyCenter on my own?

No. The project is still under construction and PPE as well as an escort is required to access the Authority floors. Contact Carol Cowan or Melissa Solberg to schedule a tour of the space.

Q: The Team was wondering what we should do with our PPE. We are hoping that perhaps there will be a separate closet where we can store the PPE? Should it be included in our moving boxes?

PPE should be packed in bins and stored in employee lockers in SkyCenter. There is no dedicated PPE storage in our new office space.

Q: I understand that we will have centralized rubbish and recycling containers, but has there been consideration for small containers on the desks that each employee will be responsible for removing at the end of the day for small items like tissues? Thank you.

Employees can determine the best way to carry small items such as tissue, pens and pencils to utilize in their workstations.

Q:  Can we have refrigerators in our offices or our family rooms?

Small undercounter refrigerators are not included in the move team scope. The common Social Hubs and secondary coffee areas located on each floor are communal.  Each contains common ‘break area’ amenities such as refrigerators, ice makers and coffee makers. These spaces are intended to benefit all employees and encourage collaboration and interaction among teams.

Q: Would it be OK to have mat storage like you would see at a gym at the family room, front porch, or similar location? Should we take our comfort mats home with us just in case there is a change in position?

Departments have dedicated storage identified in and near their neighborhoods which can be used to support departmental needs.  There is additional unallocated storage available in and around the front porch and copy areas which can also be utilized by departments.

Q:  We wanted to provide a suggestion for the naming conventions for the conference rooms in SkyCenter. We thought it may be a nice homage and reflection of our past to name the conference rooms after some of the Authority’s most influential leaders. For example, perhaps the Boardroom can be the “George Bean Boardroom” and one of the conference rooms near the Exec Team can be the “Joe Lopano Conference Room”. There could be a little story about each leader on the wall, and it would help blend the past with the future. It would also be a treat if we could have some of the leaders or their families there to celebrate the opening of the conference rooms with us. You may even be able to have the neighborhoods name their own conference room after a leader that was important to that particular team/neighborhood.
Thanks for your suggestion. Conference rooms are currently identified with a functional nomenclature. Consideration for future naming will be given once we move into the new office space.

Q: Could we consider, as an employee perk, adopting a more modern casual dress code as people move to SC? Dry cleaning is expensive, bad for the environment and bad for the person wearing the clothes treated with chemicals. Employees are also more collaborative and productive when they are comfortable. Plus we live in Florida where it can be very hot. A culture with more TPA polos and jeans works for Fridays. Why not every day?

We continuously evaluate our current procedures. At this time, employees should follow the Authority’s dress code procedure 603.05. In our professional environment, business casual will continue to be the dress code expectation. With Director approval, employees may wear jeans on Friday provided that they are appropriate for the day’s business-related activities.

Q: A previous question was submitted and answered about Parking with the following response: Parking is First Come First Serve. Employees can park on any level including level 1 as long as it is not marked “Reserved”. As we get closer to the move date, I am hearing that Employees are not allowed to park their personal vehicle on level 1. Has the policy changed? Can employee’s park on level 1 as long as the spot is not marked “Reserved”?

A: Employees can park their personal vehicle on any level of the parking garage in a non-reserved space, including level 1.

Q: Will portable heaters be allowed?

Portable space heaters are not included in the move scope.

Q: How do I adjust my desk chair at SkyCenter?

Click here for operating instructions.

Q: In regard to the electric vehicle chargers in the SkyCenter employee parking garage, why were level 1 instead of level 2 chargers selected? Level 1 charges provide for a slower charging time when compared to level 2 chargers.

The Level 1 chargers installed at SkyCenter One match the Level 1 chargers installed in the existing TPA parking garages.  The intention is that tenants coming to SkyCenter One will park for approximately 8 hours and will receive a reasonable amount of charge during that time, on average approximately 4 – 5 miles of charge per hour to supplement the miles driven while commuting to and from work.

Q: Are there time clocks in SkyCenter One?

Yes, time clocks are located on Levels 3, 4 and 5 in the common area copy/print rooms at the south end of each floor.

Q: How do I print at SkyCenter?

Click here easy-to-follow instructions.

Q: Thanks for the microwave in the cafe; it’s great for those who like to bring their lunches. Is there a sink close by that employees can use to wash out their lunch dishes?

In addition to the microwave in the SkyCenter One café, there are 4 microwaves located in the Social Hubs on each level in our office space, which also contain a sink for rinsing dishes. Note the microwaves on Level 4 are located immediately behind the Social Hub in the supply/copy room to keep wafting smells from lingering in the main reception area.

Q: What is the schedule for trash and recycling pick-up service in the common areas on Levels 3, 4 and 5?

Common area trash and recycling is serviced nightly by the base building janitorial staff.

Q: The lights in our area turn off automatically throughout the day even when the team is actively working and speaking/moving.
Is there a way to change either the interval or sensitivity of the auto-off feature of the lights?

We are working with the contractor to adjust the lighting controls so that the lights remain on during the day when there is activity in the space.  Thanks for your patience!

Q: Will there be a paper shredder added to the printer areas?

The common copy/print room on Level 5 near the Social Hub will have a shredder beginning April 7.

Q: Will full length mirrors be installed in the restrooms?

The wellness rooms, located on each floor, have a full-length mirror.

Q: What’s the latest with the workstation reservation system free/busy issue? Is the mobile app coming?

Embrava, the software provider for the reservation units, has corrected the calendar block issue for any reservation made through the actual reservation unit at the pinwheel.

If you make a reservation today it will show on your calendar, but will show as ‘free’ so others can see your true availability.

What this does not correct is any reservation that is made through Outlook itself as Outlook is controlling that reservation just like a conference room and Embrava only receives the update from Outlook.

ITS is currently going into Beta test with the mobile app and the vendor, 22 mile, and will ensure that the mobile app performs in the same manner.

Stay tuned for more information!

Q: If the bathroom clogs on my floor, who do I call?

We are encouraging everyone to use the ‘Ask Anything’ function in the On the Move blog to report issues and concerns about your space that might arise as you’re getting acquainted with your new environment as this will be the most efficient way for the team to track and respond to issues.  For all IT-related questions, contact the Service Desk at (813) 554-1411 or ServiceDesk@TampaAirport.com.

Q: Are there vending machines on our floors in SkyCenter One?

There are no for vending machines on Levels 3, 4 or 5. However the Grab-n-Go portion of the SkyCenter One Café, operated by Nature’s Table, is open 24 Hours. You can use your badge to scan into the front door of the café, select your items from the Grab-n-Go display and use the self-checkout to pay for your items.

Q: How do you find and connect to printers in Sky Center?

“Follow-me printing” is installed on your computer. Follow these simple steps to print a document:

  • Select Print from your software program
  • In the drop-down menu, choose ‘FindMe_BW’ or ‘FindMe_Color’ to select black/white or color printing
  • Select your preferred settings
  • Click ‘Print’. Your document is then sent to the Cloud for temporary storage
  • Walk up to any multi-function Toshiba printer, scan your badge and follow the on-screen instructions to print your document.

Still have questions? Contact the Service Desk at (813) 554-1411 or ServiceDesk@TampaAirport.com.

Q: We frequently run out of paper towels at the large kitchen area sink on the 5th floor. Can we get the building to refill that during the day the way they do the bathrooms? Or who do we call to get that done when it happens?

Our team is currently working with the property management team to determine a solution. For now, additional paper towels are located in the Social Hubs and employees may refill the dispensers if they run out during the day. Thank you for your patience as we work through a solution.

Q: Sometimes the badge-access lockers and workstation reservation systems don’t immediately work when I swipe my badge. Any tips or tricks you can share?

Patience is key! Try firmly pressing and holding your badge lengthwise against the readers. In some instances you may need to remove your badge from it’s holder. If the issue persists, please contact the Service Desk at (813) 554-1411 or ServiceDesk@TampaAirport.com with the workstation number or locker number.

Q: The core restroom toilets don’t flush like the others on Airport property. What’s the deal?

SkyCenter One has low-flow fixtures in support of the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification for the base building. Low-flow fixtures help conserve water use.

Q: I’m working in the Atrium and I hear a high-frequency noise. What is that?

The escalators are variable speed, which means they slow when not in use to conserve energy. The sound you hear occurs when the escalators are in the energy-saving mode.

Q: Will kangaroo pouches be installed in the core restrooms for things like cell phones and personal items while using the facilities?

The team is exploring the installation of stall pouches. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Q: Can we place recycling items in the restroom trash receptacles?

No. Please refrain from using the restroom trash containers for recyclable items. Common recycling receptacles are located in copy/print rooms, social hubs and in the secondary break areas on the north end of levels 4 and 5.

Q: Would it be possible for water bottle fill up stations to be refrigerated? The water is not pleasant warm temperature. Thank you.

Water refill stations are capable are cooling approximately 8 gallons per hour. The unit contains a small reservoir of chilled water (50 degrees) which can deplete as user fill their water bottles.

Q: Will SkyCenter One have exterior window washing as part of the building maintenance?

Yes! Window washing will begin on Monday, May 9 and is expected to wrap up by Monday, May 23.

Q: Can employees lock their belongings in the SkyCenter One fitness center lockers overnight?

Unfortunately, no. While this is different from the initial guidance provided by Property Management at this time locker room lockers are only to be used while actively utilizing the fitness center. Leaving items in a locker with a personal lock overnight is not permitted.

Property Management will be checking the locker rooms daily to ensure that the locks/items are removed. Any locks that have not been removed by 3pm on Friday, May 20th, 2022, will be cut. All items removed from the lockers will be placed at the security desk and will be held for one week before we dispose of those items. Thank you for your continued cooperation!

Q: Taking meetings at desks and talking about situations that should be confidential is becoming an issue. Are department heads going to be taking that into consideration when speaking with their teams? Even within your own team some things are not meant to be heard by entire departments about other employees.

Confidential conversations should be held in a private area or enclosed room. As we adjust to our new way of working, everyone is encouraged to be mindful of the open office environment. Check out this blog post for helpful etiquette tips.

Q: Can we still use the core restrooms when the day porter has “restroom is closed due to cleaning” posted?

No. Please use a restroom on another floor when the day porter has the sign posted. Note there are also 4 single use restrooms available throughout our floors:

Level 3 – located adjacent to the Operations neighborhood

Level 4 – located adjacent to the Board Room and adjacent to the Maintenance neighborhood

Level 5 – located adjacent to the Executive neighborhood

Q: Do I have to break down cardboard boxes for recycling in order to have them removed from the common copy/print rooms by the janitorial staff in SkyCenter One?

Yes, Property Management has instructed tenants to break down all boxes for recycling. Any boxes that are not broken down and labeled “recycle” will not be removed from the space by the SkyCenter One janitorial staff.

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