A look at SkyCenter One, TPA’s new SkyCenter atrium and its connection to the Rental Car Center. In the future, a hotel will also connect into the SkyCenter Atrium.
An artist rendering of the reception area on Level 1 of the SkyCenter One office building.
Most guests will access the Authority’s floor through the reception area on Level 4 of the SkyCenter Atrium. This level is directly linked to the SkyConnect station at the Rental Car Center via the elevated walkway. On the other side of these windows is the Board Room and the Authority’s fourth floor offices.
The Authority’s Board Room, pictured here, will feature the latest technology in a comfortable setting.
The SkyCenter fitness center, pictured here, will feature approximately three dozen pieces of equipment. In addition, it will offer a classroom and locker rooms.
This rendering depicts a typical front porch area that will be used to welcome guests and employees to specific workstation neighborhoods. This front porch includes a TV monitor, black board and shelves to display awards or other accomplishments.
Workstations in SkyCenter One will be modern, technologically advanced and configured in a way that allows for social distancing while seated. This new approach gives Authority employees the flexibility to “work from anywhere.”
One of the crown jewels of the new SkyCenter One office spaces are the social hubs, pictured here. These will be places for people to hold informal meetings, take breaks, eat and catch up. At the center of this space is a communicating staircase that ties all the floors together.
This view depicts the third floor social hub area. Behind the glass windows in the back of this image is the Authority’s Innovation Hub – a space designed to fuel a new way of thinking at TPA.
One of the primary elements of the SkyCenter development site adjacent to the airport’s new Rental Car Center is a nine-story office building, pictured in the top right of the rendering above. Tampa International Airport employees will occupy three floors of the building. The building, an atrium connected to it and pedestrian bridge that provides access to the Rental Car Center SkyConnect station, are the first projects in the 35-acre SkyCenter site, which will be developed in phases. The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority Board of Directors awarded the contract to construct the atrium and pedestrian bridge to Hensel Phelps on Dec. 6, 2018.
The 230-foot elevated walkway, pictured here, will connect the atrium to the SkyConnect station at the Rental Car Center. True to TPA form, it will feature moving walkways to minimize total walking distance for our passengers and guests. The design will be modern and sleek and will complement the design at the adjoining Rental Car Center.
The east side of the SkyCenter site, directly in between the Rental Car Center and office tower, will feature a 650-foot commercial curb. The curb will help to further reduce congestion at the Main Terminal curbsides and roadways.
The main entrance to the atrium, shown here, is on the west side of the building and faces TPA’s main runway – 1L/19R. Vehicles will circle in a roundabout that showcases a vintage fountain installed in 1971 when the Main Terminal was first constructed. It will be preserved and relocated during future demolition in preparation for curbside expansion at the Main Terminal.
This rendering shows the roadway between the Rental Car Center and new SkyCenter development site. The elevated walkway connects the Rental Car Center (left) to the atrium (right). At the ground level, you can see the 650-foot commercial curb.
The atrium roof will feature a beautiful open terrace with a panoramic view of TPA’s airfield and the Tampa Bay region. TPA employees, office building tenants and future hotel guests will be able to relax on comfortable seating, both covered and uncovered, and watch the day’s activities.
The Atrium mimics both the Main Terminal and Rental Car Center with bright open spaces, modern touches and floor-to-ceiling windows to let in the natural light.
Comfortable seating scattered throughout the Atrium will invite passengers and guests to relax, have a quick conversation or to get some work done on their way to future appointments.


This rendering shows a conceptual buildout of the west-side of the SkyCenter development site. Plans call for it to include a hotel that would link to the Rental Car Center SkyConnect station via the same atrium and pedestrian bridge as the office building.

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